The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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in colours, forms, effects, &c. as well of lights, as
of fhadows.

MEALY is fpoken of colours which appear faded,
whitened, grey in their fhades, and white in their lights ;
as if they had been fprinkled with meal. This is by all
means to be avoided.

MINIATURE Painting has been already ex-

MIRROR is a very ufeful article to a painter, as 3
kind of critic to which he may appeal on all occafions :
By the diftance it gives to objects, and by reverfing them,
it (hews many defects, of which an artift might not
otherwife be aware. It fhews principally the effe<£t of
the maffes, their relations, and the force and diftribu-
tion of the colours, Sec.

MODELS are objects of whatever nature, which
are particularly fludied, and copied, by artifts. At the
academy, the model is ufually fet naked, for the ftudy of
the figure.

MODELLING has been explained.

MOSAIC, anciently called Mufdique, opus Mufivum,
is a manner of work, wherein by placing fide by fide
an innumerable number of little bits of coloured (tones,
or glafs, and fuiting their forms, and colours, to the re-
quifite drawing, it produces reprefentations of various
fubjects. The pieces are inferted into, and united by, a
kind of ftrong ftucco ; and being themfelves of durable
materials, they retain their frefhnefs and effect for ages.
They are always copies of pictures, and their progrefs
extremely flow and tedious; it was in requeft among the
Romans, but is not practifed in England.

No. 38. d N. NAKED
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