The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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Animal or Cattle Painters.

Flower Painters.

Architecture Painters.

Decoration and Scene Painters,

Still-Life Painters.

Miniature Painters.

Painters in Enamel

Painters on Glass, &c. &c.

As to the manners of painting, they have already been
treated : It is eafy to perceive, that each department re-
quires much ftudy and knowledge, as well as manage-
ment proper to itfelf.

PASSIONS have been already treated in the Lec-
tures : They mud always be fludied from nature, and
in the bed antiques and pictures. The philofophical
ftudy of the pafiions, if not indifpenfable to an artid,
yet cannot fail of being extremely ufeful.

PASTICHE ; this is an Italian term, applied to
pictures painted by one mader in the manner of another
mader, counterfeiting not only the ftyle of drawing, but
alfo the colouring, handling, &c. Vide Imitator.

Mignard, to pique Le Brun, painted a Magdalen,
in the manner of Guido ; he put on her head a cardi-
nal's cap, and painted the treffes of her hair, &c. upon

it : It was fo perfect an imitation, that Le Brun, and

every body with him, regarded it as a genuine Guido.

Mignard alone maintained the contrary ; and to prove

his property, told them, they would find painted under

the hair, a cardinal's cap. Le Brun, thus convinced,

replied to him, JVell, then3 always paint Guidos.

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