The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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Glare exceedingly offends the eye : it may attract it
at firft, but after a very little time, the eye turns away
with fatiety, for want of fomething to relieve and in-
tered: it. But when glare is moderated by repofe, the
compofition becomes not only attractive to the eye, but
alfo retentive of it.

The principles of repofe are breadth of tender lights,
and fhades, fupporting each other; forbidding all ftrong
catchings of light, or holes of dark ; but delighting in
gentle gradations, and allied variety.

REPOSO is an Italian term, applied to a picture
reprefenting the holy family refting on their journey to
Egypt; or, in Egypt, after their journey.

RETOUCHED pictures, are thofe which having
been nearly completed by a matter's difciples, are after-
wards finifhed by his own hand. To matters of great
bufinefs, this is a common practice; and many have
regularly retouched their pupil's copies.

Retouched is alfo fpoken of a picture repaired, or
reftored where damaged. In fpeaking of engravings, it
is always taken in this fenfe, for reparations done to a
plate, after it has been injured, by working a great num-
ber of impreffions.

RUINS, as a part of Landscape, have already been
treated in the Lectures.

In general when Ruins are fpoken of, the expreffion
refers to views of thofe majeftic remains of antiquity,
with which Italy abounds, whofe mutilated remains pro-
duce the nobleft effects.

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