The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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i3Q S T U

pofieffed of fpeech alfo; and to need no other endowment
to give it life.

SPIRIT is, like effect, the refult of artful combina-
tion, wherein by judicious contraft, by force, by life,
and animation, the objects reprefented feem to vie with
nature herfelf.

Spirited pencil, defign, colouring, Sec. expreffes
the vigorous exertion of thofe particular branches of

SPLENDOR, like brilliancy, to which it is
equivalent, relates either to effect, or to colouring. The
fplendor of colours, is beft feen in Rubens's pictures.
Splendor only, is a very moderate recommendation of a
picture: but fplendor heightens other merits, and
renders the whole more piquant.

SQUARE, vide Reduction.

STUDY has for its object, whatever is beautiful or
excellent in nature, and by means of conftant examina-
tion and reflection, ftudy acquires judgment and know-
ledge, difcerns accurately the truth of imitation, and
ripens the genius to maturity.

STUDIES are defigns taken from nature, of what-
ever objects are requifite to enter into a compohtion,
Whenever an artift has his doubts, he recurs to nature ;
whenever what he has done appears not equal to what
it might be, either in correctnefs, or in effect, he con-
fults nature. Studies, therefore, comprehend figures,
heads, hands, feet, trees, plants, animals, flowers,
fruits, earth, fky, and water, See. Sec.

As the ftudies from living models, draperies, Sec.
may be not only ftudied, but even painted from nature at

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