The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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P l a TlE II.

The two upper figures of this plate, are views of the
Apollo Pythias, and confirm the principles of plate I.
The different view of the members, their different fore-
fhortenings, &c. merit notice.

The two lower figures, are oppojite, views of a Led a ;
and fhew that diverfity of fituation has by no means
lefs force on a drapery figure than on the naked, as the
drapery by its bulk, is apt to conceal as well the leading
ideas of a figure, as fmaller obje&s.

Plate III,

•"No. I, 2. are two peafants liftening to a ftory; one
•pokes forward his head, hugs himfelf with his arms,
and bends his reins, refting 'equally on both feet; the
other, alfo a peafant, yet not quite fo boorifh, ftands
more upright, aad is lefs offensive in his attitude.

No. 3. Is a woman liftening, whofe awkward air ex-
preffes rufticity and low life.

No. 4. Is a lady alfo liftening, whofe attitude ere£l
but not ftiff, is contrafted by the former, and {hews the
effect of education.

No. 39,

U Plate
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