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The different twifts of the horns beneath, relate to
the fame idea; B 1 is lefs curvated than B 2, which
has a dotted line running up it (as has alfo B 3), which
fhews how eafily excefs may be introduced. B 3 is
not only a general curve of the whole figure, but is alfo
twifted in its parts ; the winding of which attracts and
engages the eye to trace their progrefs. C, fhews the
variety of lines in the form of a bell ; the ferpentine
windings of the contours of the fides, contrafted by the
regular oval of the mouth, the infinite variety generated
by the ferpentine lines of the fides, appears, in that no
two parts of its body are in diameter of equal di-
menfions, although the whole body is nearly equally

D, is the figure of a pine-apple, whofe varied furface
is (till further varied, by the ferpentine lines made by the
pips, by their regular decreafe toward the top, and by
the leaves at the bottom ; it may alfo be obferved, that
the pips are likewife varied in their forms (in nature}> by
projecting fomewhat at their tops, and by fmall hollows,
&c. in their furfaces.

E, is a ftrait horn, which is merely a cone, and which,
if fuppofed bent into the fame form as B 3, would ac-
quire the fame elegance, but is now contrafted by the
ferpentine line which is carried around it, and fhews its

F 1, 2, 3, &c. are legs of chairs compofed on the
fame principle as the ftays, and proceeding from too
Itrait to too crooked ; the medium is the molt elegant.

G, exhibits fimple lines nearly fimilar to F, and alfo
proceeding from ftrait to crooked.

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