The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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rical principles, they may confirm our idea of the pro-
priety of fuch ftudies, fince accurate principles will ever
have many advantages over accidental composition.

Among fuch fubjects we may include Mr. Stubbs's
Reapers and Haymakers, which, however, are not equal
to his Labourers, painted in 1767. Mr. Bigg has a
pleaflng picture of the kind, No. 229, Lodge and its
inhabitants, belonging to Lord Howard: the whole of
this has much nature ; indeed this artift is faid ahvays to
have nature before him when at work ; by which means
he treats familiar fubjeels without much rifque, but does
not venture upon thofe which require elevation and fcnti-
ment. How then are we fure he employs all, orthe fu-»
perior part of the talents he may poifefs \

We 111 all make but few remarks on the portraits:
they are ufually much more interefling to the perfons
reprefented, or to their friends, than to cafual fpeclators.
Thofe which bid faireft to intereft us are fcenical repre-
fentationsj but here we mall rather wiih we could com-
mend, than point out particular faults. It requires
more lludy than art ills are ufually aware of, to execute
Compositions happily: and while we would encourage
them to exercife their talent in whatever manner may
entitle it to applaufe, we advife them, that a flamy ima-
gination and folid genius are diftinct articles, and that
the former efpecially feems very liable to fufFer greatly
by the chimeras of vanity, of which the " Comic
Mule " is an inftance. The flights of Icarus are not
alwaysfuccefsful, as Mauritius Lowe has it.

In general the portraits are much as ufual; fom®

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