The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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devoured by them. It has much fpirit, but does riot c6ffi«
pofe well as a whole, the horfes being the principal ob-
jects ; nor could it have any ftriking effect of light and
fhade, being too fcattered in its parts.

Among the drawings are feveral of refpeclable
merit. That by the Earl of1 Aylesbury deferves par-
ticular notice ; it does great honour to its noble authors
genius and abilities, and evinces the intereft which the
arts maintain among the higher ranks of life.

Mr. Hearne's drawings deferve approbation;
this artift's abilities are well known to the public ; as
are thofe of Mr. Sand by, who this year exhibits a large
landfcape tinted, and two fmaller.

Mr. Rowlandson is, as uiual, a comical fellow;
but why will he not get rid of his mannerifm ?

We have often wifhed to fee fuch an idea, as
Mr. Carter has taken up, treated On a large fcale ;
his drawing reprefents the dreffes, &c. of our forefather's
with much apparent accuracy : we think there is good
room for an attempt to recall a few hundred years, and
to place us in the company of our anceftors, whofe
habits and manners might be rendered very ftriking*

Thus have we traced the principal fubjecls in this
exhibition, not without regret, when confidering the
abilities of the abfent artifts ; for furely, while out of
forty academicians only fifteen exhibit, it can hardly
be properly denominated, even by candour itfelf,


O! for a recipe to reftore harmony among British
Artifts! —
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