The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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ribaldry of the envious and malignant ? and thereby
prevents foreigners (whofe tafte is perhaps better regu-
lated than we fuppofe) from acquiring a juft idea of our
proficiency in fcience and art.

To attempt at a remedy for fome of the more glar-
ing of thefe abufes, let me advife Artifts never to write
Jiriclures in the news-papers, decrying others, and ap-
plauding themfelves; nor to infert paragraphs enumerat-
ing their own merits, for which they pay half guineas,
and guineas : it is now no fecret; in its nature it could
not long continue one ; and when found out and clear-
ly traced to their author, who will employ or counte-
nance him ? Quit the pen, and fpeak with the pencil:
let your abilities on the canvas, or drawing, proclaim
your reputation ; not your afperfive and often unjuft
paragraphs. As for the puff direct, the child who can
hardly fpell it, can detect it. But let me alfo advife you,
to exhibit only your own works, under your own name.
There are ftrange reports current this year, of very odd
rniftakes committed by an artift, who thought he was the
author of a picture which accompanied his others, but
all who knew any thing thought otherwife. 'Tis a fad1
thing for an artift to have a mort memory, unlefs he
could infure an equal infirmity to every fpectator. But
of what are thefe the fymptoms ? Do they indicate a
thriving, healthy, found ftate ? I fear not: and therefore
ere they advance to a public and evident mortification,
I have done my endeavour to prevent it by this reproof;
by relating, in plain terms, the prefent ftate of the cafe as
I hear it from others, and as it appears to me : let me

" , hope
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