The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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of the figure of


SHE is reprefented as a female figure, of benign and
gracious afpedt, illuminated by a ray from heaven, figni-
ficative of thofe celeitial influences, to which religion
owes its birth and its progrefs ; the rewards me propofes
to her votaries, are exprefled by the crown encircled
with brilliant frars ; the rule of human conduct, where-
by fuch glory is attainable, is fignified by the holy
bible; on a page of which is placed the crofs, an em-
blem peculiar to the Chriflian religion.


IS " the medium between fear and certainty;" we
have therefore reprefented her as looking forward with
expectation ; at the fame time fhe fupports her head
with her hand, expreffing a kind cf penfivenefs and he-
fitation. The anchor being the hope of a lhip, is
ufualiy introduced into this emblem, and appears to be
a principal fupport of this figure.

IS a proper companion to Hope, and in the cha-
racter of an angel, is exciting her attention and confi-
dence towards Heaven, expreffing, that from thence
afiiftance and protection may be expected. To this figure-
may be juftly adapted the lines of Dr. Parnell :

--confcfs the Almighty juft,

And where you cann't unriddle, learn to trust.

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