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Bibliothek Carl Hirsch, Konstanz: Teile der Bibliotheken des Grafen Grigorij Alexandrowitsch Stroganoff (1770 - 1857) und der Eremitage in Leningrad ... ; 30. April und 1. Mai 1931 — Frankfurt a. M., 1931

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7 SÜDAFRIKA. Sammlung von 25 Werken und Broschüren zum Burenkrieg.

Bachmann, F., Südafrika. 1901. — Bryce, J.. Bilder aus Süd-Afrika. 1900. —
F r a n c o i s, C. v.. Kriegführung in Süd-Afrika. 1900. — K U 11 n e r, H., Unter dem Deut-
schen Roten Kreuz im Südafrikanischen Kriege. 1900. — R e i t z, F. W., Ein Jahrhundert
voller Unrecht. 1900. — S t e r n b e r g, A., Meine Erlebnisse im Boerenkriege. 1901. —
Stein, A., Buren u. Briten. 1900. — S u t e r, F. A., Unter dem Schweizerischen Roten
Kreuz. 1901. — V a 1 1 e n t i n, W., Meine Kriegserlebnisse bei den Buren. 1900. — Ferner
16 Broschüren von F. Abraham, A. Jaffe, J. Q. Kotze, Langwerth v. Simmcrn, E. Na-
ville, H. C. Nebel, J. Graf Pfeil, W. F. Regern, E. Roels, J. A. Roorda Smit, E. Spiegel,
W. T. Stead. C. Weinstein u. a.

II. Amerika.

8 ABBOT, J. and J. E. SMITH, The natural history of the rarer lepidopterous
insects of Georgia. 2 vols. London 1797. Folio. With 104 coloured Pla-
tes. Contemporary red morrocco, back and sides gilt, inside dentelle, g. e.
(Text in English & French).

Splendid copy. — The beautiful Plates represent the butterflies and the plants
and flowers on which thcy feed. Plate 33: Tobacco.

9 AMERICAN STATESMEN edited by John T. Morse, i r. 7 vols. Boston
1889—1915. 8vo. Original cloth, gilt top.

Contains: Morse. J. T.. Thomas Jefferson. McCall, S. W., Thaddeus Stevens.
P e 1 1 e w. Q., John Jay. S u m n e r, W. Q., Andrew Jackson as a public man. T y 1 e r,
M. C. Patrick Henry. L o d g e, H. C, George Washington. 2 vols.

10 ANDERSON. — Burr, F. M., Life and works of Alexander Anderson, the
first American wood engraver. With 3 portr. of Anderson and
over 30 engravings by himself. New York 1893. Imp. 8vo. Hfbd.,
back mended.

Only 725 copies printed. This copy is No. 133. with author's autograph.

11 ANDREW AND BUTLER, Correspondence between Qov. Andrew and Maj.-
Oen. Butler (1861—62). Boston, John J. Dyer, 1862. Roy. 8vo. H. morocco,
uncut, the original paper Covers bound in.

ANTHING, Collection de 100 silhouettes. (Washington.) Gotha 1791.
Siehe Nr. 477.

12 ANTIQUITATES AMERICANAE sive Scriptores Septentrionales rerum ante-
Columbianarum in America . . edidit Societas Regia Antiquariorum Septen-
trionalium (with preface of C. C. R a f n). Hafniae (Copenhague) 1837. Imp.
4to. With 18 Plates and maps (of which 8 coloured). Very fine and
very large copy. Contemporary red morocco, richly gilt back, gilt border on
sides, ins. dent., g. e.

Ledere, Bibliotheca Americana (Paris 1867) 1223: „Ouvrage de la plus gründe impor-
tance pour l'histoire de l'Amerique du Nord dans lequel l'auteur prouve et cela par des
documents authentiques, que les anciens scaldes uvaient connaissance de cette purtie du
Nouveau Monde."

See plate II.

13 BANCROFT, W. D., McKinley — Garfield — Lincoln. Their lives,
their deeds, their deaths. With a record of notable assassinations and a his-
tory of anarehy. Memorial edition, illustrated with engravings
from original photographs, drawings, paintings and
Sketches. Chicago (1901). 8vo. Original illustr. cloth.

14 BARTLETT, W. H., The history of the United States of North America from
the discovery of the Western world to the present day. Continued by B. B.
Woodward. 3 vols. New York 1856. With 100 steel-engravings.
Roy. 8vo. Green hf. morocco.


15 BRYANT. W. CULLEN, Picturesque America; or, the land we live in. A de-
lineation by pen and pencil of our country. With illustrations on
wood, by eminent American artists. 2 vols. with 49 steel engra-
vings and numerous woodeuts. New-York (1874.) Roy. 4to. Füll brown mo-
rocco, back and sides gilt and blind tooled, large gilt inside dentelle, g. e.

Joseph Baer & Co., Frankfurt a. AI., Hochstr. 6.
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