Beaufort, Emily Anne
Egyptian sepulchres and Syrian shrines: including some stay in the Lebanon, at Palmyra and in Western Turkey ; in 2 vol. (Band 2) — London, 1862

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the caye of elijah, and the pulpit of chrysostom.

The last days of our long stay in Jerusalem were come
only too soon; we revisited our favourite spots, said
good-byes to all the kind and valued friends we had
made in the Holy City, and on Monday morning the
16th of April, at a very early hour, sallied forth for the
last time from the Damascus gate, with eyes ever
turning back full of deep affection to the mountain
hallowed by every sacred association in the heart; it had
been a happy home and a resting-place to us in the
midst of our wanderings, and we were very sad indeed at
leaving it. We had chosen the upper road of the two lead-
ing to Jaffa, as the most interesting as well as the pret-
tiest, and we soon found ourselves passing over pleasant
valleys and breezy hills flourishing with corn and olives,
and now in the spring-tide gay and gaudy with flowers—
our progress indeed was much retarded by the constant-
necessity for stopping to fill our hands with bunches of
the pretty things, to cool one's face in their dewy petals,
and to refresh ourselves with their delicious perfume.
How lovely they were ! and how pleasant the bright
morning air and the extensive views over Judea! we
passed to the right of Neby Samwel, beyond which was
the hill on which once stood the royal city of Gribeon,
whereof " all the men were mighty." A rich little plain
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