Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly — 1907 (Heft 17)

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I can not enjoy Puyo’s(France) color-exercises; the color seems hot
and unnatural, and not nearly so good or pleasing as those of last year;
indeed, there seems to be no real progress at present in color-work anywhere.
“ Fantasia,” by Cavendish Morton (England), is a most exhilarating
effort — a Columbine just halted in front of the footlights, the conductor of
the orchestra below (almost a silhouette) with outstretched baton. It is full
of fascination, movement, esprit; the pose is most happily caught; one
realizes to the full, the happy bound with which the effervescent creature will
spring away the next moment, while the smile is most fit and admirably
given. Its only fault is the far too apparent handwork over background
and conductor.
On the whole, however, I was discouraged. I came away with less of
hope than usual; the game did not seem so well worth the pains. The ex-
ceptions are there, of course, but their influence does not seem widespread
enough; perhaps it is a year of lying fallow, and the next may see a
fresher outlook, and a more active endeavor after the exceptional in both
subject and treatment. Frederick H. Evans.

BEAUTY is based on a formula! ” asserted the too-
learned Man. “ I have dissected and analyzed it in
its phenomena. It is composed of perfectly simple
and ordinary elements, known to all scientific men ”
—(Here the Artist smelt of a moss-rose bud.)
“ Some day we shall find the absolute method of
synthesis,” continued the Man, “ applicable to all the
arts. Then erratic artists, who say beauty is not a
thing for pure, intellectual comprehension, will find
out their uselessness, to their confusion. Art will become a by-product, to
be manufactured by science when in a light mood.”
Yes, like very synthetic sausages ! ” murmured the Artist. “ But I do
hope the government inspection will be made stringent.”
Dallett Fuguet.

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