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His LETTER underneath was written by Mr. Greaves to the
famous Claudius Hardy, who publijhed Euclid'.? DATA, and
was in great Efieem for his Learning in the Mathematicks, and
his Skill i?t the Oriental Languages.

ClariffimoDociiJJitnoque Viro D. C. H. To the mosl worthy and moil learned
d. a h.



^Uatuor anni elapsi sunt (vir clarissime) "W11 is now four years, worthy fir, fince my
ex quo propter longinquam pere- J long travels into the East have deprived
grinationem a me in Onentem sus- ' me of the opportunity of giving you fome
ceptam, nulla mihi opportunitas data est, teftimony of my aflseftion, and fine ere incli-
affecluni,sincerumquetibianimum teiiandi. nations to you. Being at .length, by the help.
Tandem favente Numine, salvo &~ inco- :§of (Sod, returned in'fafety, I have fome
lumi reverso, conceditur oonnijsil otii, §g de 'leijure to, think on pasi dangers vand old sriends;
periculis prseteritis, & de amicis veteribus, a?nong whom, if I be not mifaken in your
cogitandi. Inter quos si recte de humanitate, favour and inclinations, none will more rejoice
studiisque tuis judico, nemo erit qui de at my return than you. And your fatissaction
reditu meo, majo'ri, quam tu, laetitia am\ willbe the greater, when you under ft and, that I
ciatur. Eaque tanto erit accumulator, undertook fo dangerous a journey upon no other
cum intellexeris iter tarn periculosum non account, but to apply myfelf more fuccesssully,
alias ob causas initum, nisi ut Unguis ori- in foreign parts, to the Jludy of aftronomy*
entalibus, & studiis astronomicis, peregre and the oriental languages; in both which*
felicius incumberem, in quibus utrisque how great a proficient you are, has. been
quantum profeceris, eruditis tuis scriptis, fufsiciently made appear to the learned world
literatis omnibus satis comprobasti. Qua- by your writings, full of erudition. I will
propter breviter, strictimque, ubi com- therefore, in pursuance of our former friend-
moratus sim, quae praestiterim, & quos Ji- Jhip, briesly inform you in what parts I re-
bros mecum adduxerim, pro veteri amici- fided, what I did there, and what books I
tia tibi indicabo. Primum annum Con- have brought with me. 1 fpent the firft year
slantinopoli egi, ut me totum linguae Ara- at Constantinople, with a defign to apply
bicae addicerem ; sed spe falsus, idoneis de- myfelf wholly to the Arabick tongue ; but,
stitutus magistris, ad alias curas animum being deceived in ?ny expetlation, and want-
induxi, eumque diligenti librorum MSS, ing able masters, I bent my mind to other
disquisitioni applicui. Quo quidem in ge- assairs, and applied myfelf to a diligent fearch
nere non pcenigendam operam locavi: nam of manufcript books. Wherein I have not lost
praster varios codices Arabicos, Persicos, my labour: for, befides feveral Arabick, Per-
Turcicos, propemodum de universis sci- sian, and Turkijh books, which treat of al-
entiis scriptos, & praster lexica melioris moji all fciences, and befides the befi lexicons
notas tribus hisce Jinguis deservientia, for the underftanding of thefe three languages*
coemi insuper pene omnes antiquos mathe- I have bought ahnost all the ancient Greek
maticos Graecos, in idioma Arabicum ante mathematicians,' tranjlasedfome ages fince in-
aliquot saecula traducl:os, una cum operibus tor the Arabick tongue,, together with the
praecipue ailronomorum recentium, apud works of the mofl renowned modern assrono-
Arabes, & Indos, maxime insignium. In- mers among ^Arabians and Indians. But*
ter vero illos antiquos, non leviter gaudeo among thofe ancient ones, I do not a little re~
adhuc superstites reperiri quatuor Jibros joice, that there are fall found in being four
Apollonii Pergasi geometry subtilissimi, books of Apollonius Pergaeus, the mofl subtk

{y*.mk\\ <|c Jbj.L:sJvJJ ^j



i *l* L coi


quatuor -;

quorum Pappus, aliique meminerunt. Con- of which Pappus, and others, make mention.
slantinopoli cum classe Turcica solvi, eo I failed from Constantinople withtheTurkish
anni tempore, quo solent, multis navigiis fleet, at the fame time the great convoy of that
simu^, pro more gentis, Alexandriam pe- nation ufes to fet out sor Alexandria, My
tere. Fretus satis prospera navigatione pafsage was good, and I arrived at Rhodes,
Rhodum appuli, ubi, propter auctoritatern where, in refpetl to Posidonius'i authority,
Posio'onii, clanculum in submcenianis Chri- / often took the fujsis altitude? privately, inJhe
itianorum hortis altitudinem solis saepe ob- gardens of the Chriftiam, without-the walls.
ser- Departing