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•may be like the tradition os the rising os
dead mens bones every c year in Egypt: a
thing superstitioussy believed by the Chri-
stians s and by the priefts^ either out os
ignorance, or policy, maintained as an
argument of the resurrection. The poffi-
bility and truth os it, Metrophanes, tfa
patriarch os Alexandria, thought (but very
illogically) might be proved out of the
prophet Efay % d And they Jhall go sorth,
and look upon the car cases of the men that have
tranfgrejsed against me -, sor their worm fhqlj.

not die, neither Jhall their sire be quenched % Greaves"
and they fhall be an abhorring unto all siejh. *—*Y-W'
But I have digrefTed too sar. The con-
sutation os thefe, and the description os
the Mummies, or os the reft os the Egyptian
sepulchres (sor srom thence comes the mat-
ter of this their fupposed refurreclion), and
that infinite mass, and variety os hierogty-
phicks, which I have "either, feen there, or
bought, or tranferibed else#'here, may be
the e argument of another discourle,

c Sandys, in his travels, writes, that they are seen to rise en Good-Friday. A Frenchman, at Grand Cairo,
who had been present at the refurre&icsn, (hewed^e an,arm.which he brought from thence ; the sseih (hri-
velled, and dried like that of the Mummies. He observed the miracle to have been always behind him ; once
carnally looking back, he difcovered fome bones carried privately by an Egyptian, under his veft, whereby he
underflood the mjftery. . . . •■ . .
a £fay lxvi.^24. e An argument irttejatfed by me,^ and sor .which 1 made a collection at feveral
antiquities in my travels abroad.; but thefe (and wo^d only thele'}, have ultimately periQfed at homg, amidft
the lad diftraftions of the time

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