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medical science, including Professor Crookshank, of King's College, London,
and if the results are not very striking or important this can only be attributed
to the futility of Egyptian diagnosis and prescriptions. At length, in March,
1897, Part I., containing Plates I. to VIII. and the text pertaining to them,
was issued to subscribers, and was followed in January of the present year by
Part II., consisting of Plates IX.-XL. with translations and commentary.
The subscription copies were accompanied by a request to scholars for
corrections and observations, and these the editor has now the pleasure of
acknowledging in the section of Additional Notes. To Mr. Newberry he is
indebted for valuable remarks and comparisons connected with his forthcoming
admirable publication of the Tomb of Rekhmara, proof-plates of which, as
they were finished, have been most kindly supplied, with permission to quote
from them. Very important corrections and remarks have been contributed
by Dr. Spiegelberg, of Strassburg University, and by Dr. Lange, of Copen-
hagen. Dr. Oefcle also has sent a communication on the calculations of the
mathematical papyri. The perusal of Professor Maspero's review in the
Journal des Savants, April, 1897, February and April, 1898, has been fruitful
in suggestion ; and in the Zeitschrift fur Aegyptische Sprache, 1898, Borchardt
has contributed to the solution of a mathematical problem. Thus, although
a vast number of obscurities still remain to be elucidated in the Kahun Papyri,
this final instalment of the work contains the explanation of many details
that escaped the editor in preparing the earlier parts of it.