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This class of documents has hitherto been
represented, so far as the Middle Kingdom is
concerned, by the great papyrus which, with
other fragments, is known as no. 18 of Bulaq
(containing the royal accounts at Thebes under
a king of the Xlllth Dynasty), and a fragment
attached to the Rhind Mathematical papyrus.

Kahun, VI. 21.
[PL XIV., 11. 1-8.]

(On PL xiv. there are three fragments of
lists and accounts from the great collection
numbered VI. They are evidently closely
related, and the high dates show that they
belong to the reign of Amenemhat III.)

Upper half of a sheet. Width, 9f in. -
25 cm.; height, 6 in. — 15 cm. Brown, some-
what coarse.

Recto.—After a broad margin, the heading
of a list. Writing in black with traces of red.

Verso.—Account of oxen (PL xv.) and traces
of a preceding page of MS.

Becto.—Heading of a List of Workmen.

1. Year 45, 3rd month of Verdure (Athyr), day.........

2. Done (in) the office of the territory (?) of Hetep-

Usertesen ............

3. in the presence of the wakil, Senefru's son, Senefru,

1 It will be seen that the documents are not. strictly
classified in the plates, the principal aim having been to
publish as large a number as possible in the space prescribed.


4. by the teller of the people (?), Ap'herkhent's son,


5. Mustering of shaiyaMn dragging stones, which (will

be) at the charge of

6. the uart, (for) the 4th month of Verdure (Khoiak)

and the 1st month of Winter (Tybi).

7. Name-list of shaiyaMn and deficiencies (?), uart

Khoiak and Tybi.

8. The ndzir [Usertesen's son], Khety.

(Then follow traces of a list in black and
red, similar to that on p. 1 of VI. 14, also on
this plate.)

I. 1. The numeral 45 is quite certain.

I. 2. Eead rather mwt, "granary," for

sp't; but I do not know of any parallel. We

have R!7^ • Cat- Ab<>91L

l. 3. For © cf. PL xi., 1. 25, and below, 1. 53.
1.4,. ° ^s2, cf. perhaps, Mar., Cat. Ab.,

i aa ill 1

594, ^ x j]^ but I.e. 903 and 1351

ni JJ s=> i i i

make it doubtful whether mr pr ^ rmt should
not be read in 594; see note on PL xv., 1. 14.

Ip'nb is a name occurring in B. H. I., PL xiii.

1.5. D A A % ^ occurs also PL xix., 1. 64,

PL xxii., 11. 45, 49. It may be doubted whether
these are ordinary labourers subject to the
corvee, or professional shaiydlm, i.e. strong

I. 6. w'rt, see above, p. 21. The muster in
Athyr was of men for the next two months,
viz. Khoiak and Tybi. Elsewhere we have
labourers for Mekhir and Phamenothj PL xix.,
1. 66, and apparently for Payni and Epiphi,