Misson, François Maximilien; Goodwin, Timothy [Oth.]; Wotton, Matthew [Oth.]; Manship, Samuel [Oth.]; Tooke, Benjamin [Oth.]
A New Voyage to Italy: With Curious Observations On several other Countries, as Germany, Switzerland, Savoy, Geneva, Flanders, and Holland. Together, With Useful Instructions for those who shall Travel thither. Done out of French. In Two Volumes (Vol. I.) — London: Printed for T. Goodwin, at the Queen's-Head; M. Wotton, at the Three-Daggers in Fleet-street; S. Manship, at the Ship in Cornbil; and B. Took at the Middle-Temple-Gate in Fleet-street, 1699

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Vol. I.



letter xh.
AFter we had for some time follow’d the .
Banks of the * Iser, which is the River of
Munich, we entred into a Forest; at our coming
out of which, we distindly perceiv’d the begin-
ning of the Atyes: Their Snowy tops are mingled
With the Clouds,and reserable very much the swel-
ling and foaming Waves of a tempestuousand rag-
ing Sea. If the Courage of those has been admir’d,
who first expos’d themselves to the Fury of that
Element, here is matter enough of Astonishment,
that any one fliould venture himself among the
Clisfs and Precipices of such dismal Mountains.
The same Day we departed from Munich, we
came to a Village call’d Lagrem, which is at the
Foot of the Mountains, and near to a little Lake
of very cold Water. In this place they gave us
a sort of Fifli that we knew not: The first thing
with which our Host entertain’d us, was a Cha-
fing- Dish full of Incense, with which he perfum’d
our Chambers; and indeed we found more neat-
ness in this little solitary Habitation, than in ma-
ny great Cities in our Journey. After we had
coasted the Mountains about Two Hours, we
entred among ’em, and for a long time ascended
in the midst of Rocks, Firr-Trees, and Snow.
This is, one of the wildest and molt dismal places
in the World. Yet we found some Fiflier-men’s
Cottages, on the Banks of two or three Lakes,
which are between the Mountains: But wecou’d
not discover one spot of till’d Ground ; and pro-
bably Cheese of Goat-Milk, with some Firn, is
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