Studio: international art — 10.1897

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ADREAM PAINTER. M. L grasped. Whether this is to be considered as a

LEVY DHURMER BY v'irt:ue m tne artist, or the reverse, is scarcely the

„ „ ^„ ^„ point, and it suffices to mention the fact without

discussing it.

Some artists there are whose work With others, on the contrary, their mode of

one must study long and closely before One can thought and their manner of expressing it are

succeed in grasping its meaning. There are revealed with all clearness and lucidity. However

contradictions and contrasts in their productions complicated they may appear, it is simplicity itself

which disturb and baffle the intelligence and make to unravel their meaning. Subtle they may be,

the task of comprehending their personality one of and delicate, but transparent at the same time. To

extreme difficulty. One proceeds but slowly and " read " and understand them demands no effort,

arduously in mastering the sensations and senti- One admits their charm on the spot, at once

merits and ideas their canvases inspire ; and in a falls under their spell, which seizes and enchants

critical analysis of them it is necessary to take before reflection or doubt can arise. Criticism is

thought not once merely, but often, before getting of no use in a case like this. It may make itself

a clear grip of their characteristics. The elements felt later on perchance, but it will only confirm the

composing these characteristics form a hetero- first impression, and will surely never shake it.

geneous group, and their connection is not easily The reason of this is simple enough. There exists,

"lbs beroers"

• No. 47. — February, 1897.

from a painting by l. levy-dhurmer
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