Studio: international art — 10.1897

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"Hy/as and the Nymphs"


to summarise it effectively. Otherwise the drawing Everything he produces is interesting, because it
must free itself entirely from the subject, and take is essentially the outcome of a mode of thought
the form of a creation of pure fancy, an effect of which is absolutely sincere and entirely artistic,
colouring and line work with no particular meaning, He has never given way to the temptation by
but designed simply to please the eye, to attract of which modern artists are beset, to gain popularity
itself. by concessions to the general demand for triviality
What the programme should be to each spectator of subject and showy cleverness of technical ex-
is an airy leaf, infinitely light; a brilliant, delicate pression. On the contrary, his whole career has
woof, whereon the dreams of each may be woven; been a consistent record of careful development,
a fan, as it were, sheltering one from the realities a continuous and progressive advance along the
around, and giving fresh intensity to the impres- lines which he laid down for himself in his youth,
sions created by the work performed, be it drama and from which he has in later years deviated
or symphony. only in details. Nothing but the desire to put

Gabriel Mourey. into form a purely individual idea of art practice
has dominated him ; and neither in his choice of

R J W WATERHOUSE'S subject nor his methods of interpretation has he

PAINTING " HYLAS AND shown any inclination to allow considerations ex-

_rlr wvm'tiitp ii ternal to his art to lead him into experiments likely
1 ri JN Y Mr rio. ,. ... , , ,

to divert him into a less personal statement.

Among the artists of the present To what an admirable appreciation of the re-
day, Mr. J. W. Waterhouse, R.A., is one of the few sponsibilities of the painter's profession this indi-
whose work never fails to be attractive on account viduality of opinion has led him is very clearly and
of its possession, in rather rare combination, of agreeably proved by his last completed picture,
very definite qualities of invention and execution. Hylas and the Nymphs. Not many present day

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