Studio: international art — 10.1897

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(From our own Correspondents.)

STUDIO-TALK. that these ladies, since they seem anxious to devote

themselves to serious work, should turn their
energies to decorative art of a feminine kind,

PARIS.—The smaller Salons, or Salontiets, instead of painting the inferior portraits and in-
as they are termed, regularly open significant bits of genre they so greatly affect,
their doors at this time of year. Fol- Needlework or embroidery would be far more
lowing the pastellists' display we have interesting; but I suppose this would seem to them
had the Exhibition of the " Women too much like woman's proper sphere, and it is well
Painters " at Georges Petit's. known how eager they are in the present day to go
- outside it.

It will be readily understood that there is not
much to be said about the Exhibition, which, as a In all this profusion of slipshod, childish work,
matter of fact, is more a question of fashion than of I can only single out one name worthy of mention,
art. The vanity of the exhibitors is more in dis- that of Madame Fanny Fleury, whose strong and
play than their ability. It were infinitely better earnest ability I have mentioned before. Her ex-
hibits console one somewhat for so
much pretentious dulness and clumsy
VUM\ conceit.

The Cercle Volney and the Cercle
de l'Union (vulgb, "L'Epatant")
also sent out invitations to their
annual Exhibitions. They may be
summed up in two words—a mass
of amateurish work by amateurs,
interspersed here and there with the
productions of some of the High
Priests of " official " art. I have
looked in vain for something that
might be of interest to the readers
of The Studio. This is the kind of
art that every one produces, that we
have seen in every shop window, in
every Salon for years past, and shall
see for years to come. The critics
as a rule like this kind of display,
which enables them to say nice things
of important personages, who honour
them in return with their gracious
recognition. I must be excused
therefore from saying any more on
the subject.

K^ss2?53Ss=. I The " Union Comtoise des Arts

^^Jfc M ^Jigjj Decoratifs" has opened its first Ex-

m hibition in Durand Ruel's Galleries,

"w^*."^! I' contains plenty of painting and
BW^;j^glgyaL.'*" '• sculpture, but unfortunately — not-

^SjjL (' j f \ jjgjk " ^7~2JS withstanding its title—very little in

the way of decorative art. The
""' exhibits number 200, and include
tea-table by charles pluiMet pictures which we had seen before

carpet and wall-hanging by p. aubert by the best known of the Franche-

porcelain w/ne-jUG by a. charpentier Comte artists — MM. Chartran,

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