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Reviews of Recent Publications


paints with much intelligence whatever appeals to has recently produced a work on Giorgione which
his artistic feelings. Halonen has several canvases is distinctly attractive, as being conceived in a
in his well-known style, one of which, Mot fiende?i, spirit hitherto foreign to Italian art criticism,
is reproduced here. Gebhard shows a series of This book, the subject of a very fine review by
landscapes which are interesting by reason of their Gabriele D'Annunzio in the Convito, has much in
sunlight effects; and other works worthy of note common with the German philosophers and with
are those exhibited by Enckell, Simberg, and Count Pater, though the author's personality is strongly
Louis Sparre. The latter's painting, Minna, is felt throughout. It is subjective in tone; it gives
here illustrated. In sculpture we have several very few particulars, and these evidently under
charming bronzes by Vallgren, in addition to his protest, of Giorgione's outward life ; throws scorn
marble group Consolation. Countess Sparre shows on those critics who seek to explain an artist's
two very handsomely decorated writing-cases as inspiration by his milieu, but admits the latter's
well as the envelope which contained the address influence on his methods, inveighs against the
to the Emperor on the occasion of his coronation. Darwinian theory in art, and maintains the unity

of the artistic idea.

REVIEWS OF RECENT Signor Conti considers Bellini and Giorgione to

be the two great musicians of painting: Bellini's
pictures expressing the diffusion of the magic
Giorgione. Studio Di Angelo Conti. (Florence : power of the notes, a serene joy, the peace of far-
Fratelli Alinari.)—The outburst of literary activity away horizons; Giorgione, more modern and
that renders life in Florence just now so interesting somewhat Wagnerian, disturbed by passion, often

placing the female nude in
the foreground of his picture,
and in the picture in Casa
Giovanelli crowning her with
lightning. And in this pas-
sion, working through to the
calm of the Castelfranco Ma-
donna the author finds a
faithful reflex of Giorgione's
life; so faithful, indeed, that
he takes for the motto of the
chapter entitled Giorgione's
Works the words of Dante :
E venni dal martirio a qtcesta
pace, and heads the chapter,
WHS^SJr jfl Ex cruce, ad lucem.

Passing in review Giorgi-
one's works, Signor Conti
draws a finely thought-out
Jfl I parallel between the Dresden

Venus and Leonardo's Gio-
conda, lingers lovingly over the
Concerto at the Pitti, which,
despite Morelli, he con-
siders an undoubted Giorgi-

iHP :1 one' anc' over tne Festa Cam-

pestre at the Louvre ; laying
especial stress on the part
which music plays in the con-
ception and execution of all

— ----------------------------------..........m..... these pictures, and quoting


(See Hehingfors Studio-talk) S10ne's enthusiasm for music.

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