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motto on it, Dominus ordinavit its qui
evangelium annuntiant de evangelio vivere,
supplies the motive of the society's work,
as the book of the Gospels attached to
the Cross bearing the emblems of the
Four Evangelists is the burden of its
story. The legend on the book, " Ver-
bum Dei," and the Chalice continue the
symbolism; from this rays typify the
Light of the World, and a wreath of the
olive of peace encircles the whole. The
only mundane points in the design, the
royal arms and cipher, denoting the
Queen's connection with the fund, and
the arms of the two Archbishops, are
strictly germane in the connection. How
well Mr. Frampton has done his part the
illustration shows clearly. It supplies
another, instance of his power to make
small things great by reason of their

A most interesting collection of
enamels by Mr. Alexander Fisher was
lately shown for a few days, by the
better than some few which preceded them, and kindness of the Hon. Mrs. Percy Wyndham, at
if they are not, why single them out for special her house in Belgrave Square. It included a
laudation ? To which query one feels inclined to number of delightful things already reproduced in
answer that they may not be better than the best our pages—the Wagner girdle, lent by Mrs. Emslie
of their predecessors, which is after all only
an admission that might hold good of well-
nigh every work of art. Art is not competi-
tive—a Rembrandt does not make a Diirer
second-rate, Sargent does not make Velas-
quez old - fashioned; because Constable
brought new beauties into landscape one
does not declare his works to be better than
all that had gone before.

E. B. S.

design for cloth binding by talwin morris


(From our own Correspondents.)

LONDON.—The seal here reproduced
has been designed and executed
by Mr. George Frampton, A.R.A.,
for the Queen Victoria Clergy
Fund, an institution for augment-
ing the stipends of beneficed clergy and
others, especially where the original endow-
ment has by accident of circumstances become
inadequate for present needs. The Latin design for cloth binding by talwin morris

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