Studio: international art — 15.1899

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Studio- Talk

man poster movement started there. From the STUDIO-TALK.

point of view of art-lithography, however, Dresden .._ _ , ' . ,

r ,-. , ° .r. ' , (From our own Correspondents.)

cannot claim such a position, even though it 1

numbers such artists as Fischer, Fiedler, Baum, -w- ONDON. — The Loan Exhibition of
and Liihrig, among its own. These artists have, Lithographs organised by the South Ken-

with the exception of the last named, produced j sington Museum is in many respects a

lithographs only desultorily, and Liihrig has I : most interesting and valuable collection,

stopped for the present where he should really have Lithography has until quite lately suffered

begun. in popular estimation by reason of the depths to

H. W. S. which competition has driven the commercial
section of it; and the elder generation of artists,
Miss Dymes has been reappointed Secretary of with whom the fine work of Lane, Harding, and
the Home Arts and Industries Association. Bonington was a tradition, have been a little too

apt to look upon it as a lost art,
and to grudge recognition to the
undoubted revival of the last few
years. The collection at South
Kensington should do much to
set this right in the eyes of the
public. For the first time in this
country, or, indeed, elsewhere with
the same thoroughness, the pro-
ductions of our own time can now
be judged side by side with those
of the traditional masters of the
art, and a just estimate be formed
of the decadence or development
which the former has experienced.

In the British school will be
found a quite representative set of
those curious early experiments,
dating from 1801 to 1809, which
were " printed at the Polyauto-
graphic Office," and executed by
West, Fuseli, Barry, Downman,
Varley, and others of the leading
artists of the time. And similarly
Prout, Bonington, Harding, and
Lane have space which allows a
complete examination of their
styles and technique. There is
also a comprehensive series of the
lithographs by Louis Haghe after
Roberts; and, :o come to a later
period, of the Court portraits pri-
vately executed by Mr. J. A. Vinter
for Her Majesty the Queen, and
now exhibited with her permission.
It is not generally known that her
Majesty has herself experimented
in this direction ; and many people
will be interested in the pleasant

landscape from a lithograph by otto fischer little sketch, on screen 107, of the

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