Studio: international art — 15.1899

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F. JV. Pomeroy

"charity" by f. w. pomeroy

HE WORK OF F. W. POME- results. To their efforts is due a complete change
ROY. BY A. L. BALDRY. in the position occupied by sculpture in the public


In a paper which Mr. Pome-
JL roy read a few years ago at one
of the meetings of the Archi-
tectural Association, he commented on
the remarkable way in which art in its
many branches has in these later years of
the nineteenth century become the fashion
with people of all types. He argued that
this development in the popular taste pro-
vided a sure and direct proof of an in-
crease in the energy and vitality of artistic
practice, and implied a response on the
part of the public to the vigorous pro-
pagandism of the artists themselves.
Whether or not his contention is right
with regard to other branches of art, its
absolute correctness in reference to the
one particular branch which he himself
follows is altogether undeniable. Sculp-
ture in this country has most certainly
taken during the last two decades an
entirely new lease of life; and the number
of sculptors who can, and do, produce
work of the highest class has, in the same
period, increased in a most significant
manner. Already we have a considerable
school of young artists of quite notable
capacity, and year by year the influence
they exercise upon lovers of art becomes
more persuasive and more evident in its f. w. pomeroy

XV. No. 68.—November, 1898.

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