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An Architect's Home

many people have formed of him from their obser- riors, overlooked comfort and commonplace require-

vation of what he has already achieved. merits inside. The architect of the present time

A. L. Baldry. has taken new views of his art, and realises that to

be beautiful a house must also be perfectly adapted

N ARCHITECT'S HOME- f°ra home. Facades must follow interior arrange-

Ti/r-n a t-> .mr t\ mitoitt-t t io ments, and windows must be regarded as inlets for

A,........... ............
_1/^„„ . „„ . „ tt . t,^,tt light and air, not merely as ornamental details dis-

COTTAGE AT HARROW. , . „ . , T . ., .

posed symmetrically in an elevation. It is evident
Following up the proverb which that the health and convenience of its inmates
asserts that shoemakers' wives are the ought to be far more important than a display of
worst shod, it used to be a frequent gibe against archi- erudition calculated to impress the passer-by.
tects of a past generation that they rarely built them- In discussing here, not long ago, another house
selves habitable houses, but sacrificed convenience to of Mr. Arnold Mitchell's design, especial attention
pedantic facades, or, in quest for picturesque exte- was directed to its excellent sanitation, its sound

construction, and the common sense
displayed in its plan and disposition.
wmmmmb--—-----------1BHEHHHBHHHH To reiterate the same qualities appa-

rent in this work would be superfluous,
i yet nearly every word used in regard

to Sir Benjamin Baker's house would
hoM equally true of the^ subject of

easier to admire'them frankly and to
;,''>. covet them, than to describe their

I _\ -jH|H| ! details in such a manner as to do

adequate justice to their many admir-
able qualities. An exhaustive descrip-
tion of any one of them would recall
many another modern house in Bed-
ford Park and elsewhere. It would

. ._______. , not even be truthful to say that any

particular one of them was the best of
its kind yet built. Fortunately good

^^i^^^*^eri^^' " First^" its^ ingeniou^
adaptation to a limited space on a
alj site facing east and west, and falling

thirty feet in two hundred feet, with
an even greater fall north to south.
carved oak door at grove hill cottage, harrow. Hence the variety in its plan to fit

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