Studio: international art — 15.1899

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

amateur photographer will find the book useful. Herbert Glenny); Ajrose (A. Wilson Shaw) • Cur-
It should have a place on the shelves of every lew (L. G. Bird); Dot (William Hume); Ehpeth
worker who is anxious to understand the possi- (Charles S. Jones); Fer (George Quested); Feraille
bilities of photographic practice. (Jacques Houry); Jason (John Thirtle); Moon-
_ shine (T- D- Bryan); Rising Sun (William Middle-
ton) ; and P. (Samuel Poole).

Among the most notable of the many series of

illustrated postcards which still continue to be T ™

■ j • o -j . . . , Illustration for 1 ennyson's " Gardener's
issued in Germany and Austria there are two worthy

of especial mention. One of these consists of a Daughter."

number of original coloured lithographs published (B XXI.)
by the Kiinstlerbund, or Artists' Club, in Karlsruhe.

Especially good among these are the drawings by The FlRST Prize (0m *™a) is awarded t0

Pr. F. Kallmorgen, R. Potzelberger, Franz Hein, J A' H°WeU' 69 F°xbourn Road'

G. Kampmann, W. Laage, and a drawing of "Die Upper looting).

Saalburg bei Homburg." At the low price of two H^ ^JJ^^toSt ^ ^ ^

marks for the entire series they should be secured ' a ' 1 J* 06 _treet' Nottingham).

. „ n , . , , , . i Honourable mention is given to the following:—

by all those who are interested in the modern •_ ° . , b

j , f , * /1 Dauphin iMxs. Mary Munday); Grumbler (Rosa

development of lithographic art in Germany. -f \ .. ' ^/ ; ^

r-pi ., . c .. ■ C. Pethenck); (Laura Johnson), and Jason

The other collection worthy of attention is one 7' s J " J

published by Hermann Kerber in Salzburg. It ^

consists of a number of original etchings by O. Picturesque Cottage.
Graf, of Salzburg, which, in point of merit, are

much in advance of the work usually produced (C XVIII.)

for such a purpose. A portfolio of proof impres- Thg jpIRgT pRIZE {Qm guima) jg awarded tQ

sions of this interesting series is issued by the same SmtMown (Emest E Briscoe; s8 Femlea Road;

firm- Balham, S.W.).

The Second Prize {Half-a-guinea) to Barney

, . t (F. T. Barnish, 2z Aughton Road, Birkdale, Lanes.).

Trade catalogues are not, as a rule, very inter- Honourable mention ig iyen tQ ^ foUowi j_

esting productions, and when, therefore, a trading Mgr6rM (R_ T w viewfidd

firm makes a decided effort to improve them a , , '

r Arbroath, N.B.); Jonas (Jonas Jonsson, Barnhus-

measure of encouragement should be held out. ^ StQckholm> Sweden). thesearg iUustraM .

In this respect Messrs. Heal & Son are to be Atheling (Edgar H. Richardson); Ben Bolt (Sydney

congratulated upon an original and tasteful little R Jon£s). cillgurow (H. c. Crawhall); Canute

brochure on Bedroom Furniture, with letterpress ^ A_ Brauer). ^ (Gertrude E. Hayes);

supplied by the late Mr. Gleeson White and illus- ^ ^ M_ R HamiltQn). Kdvedon (charles

trations that betray distinct originality of treatment. A_ . Kailyard (J_ H Hipsley) . Mw

Altogether the artistic feeling displayed in the Tow£rs). Parrot (Mary Perrot).

get-up of this little treatise is worthy of emulation. ^ T . Qugm Mgo R

Whiting); and Teal (H. F. Waring).

WARDS IN " THE STUDIO " Photographs from Nature.


Sketch Design for a Metal Sign. The pIRST Pri2e (0ne guinea^ is awarded t0

(A XIV.) Khartoum (Smedley Aston, 7 Newhall Street,

The First Prize {Five guineas) is awarded to Birmingham).

W. S. A. (A. Harold Smith, 4 Fairlop Road, The Second Prize {Half-a-guinea) to Farmer

v (Edouard Likou, Rue St. Dominique 117, Paris).

The"5 Second Prize {Two guineas) to Arc Honourable mention is given to the following :—

(T Corson 8 Blenheim Walk, Leeds). Ae/a (C. A. Reitzel); Fram (Miss M. E. Hamilton);

Honourable mention is given to the following :- Eton (Hannah Gill); Macbeth (Walter Rossiter);

Aberbrothock (Henry T. Wyse); Alice (George and Natur (Mrs. Caleb Keene).


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