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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

G. A. Henty. The former contains some spirited
and clever illustrations by W. Rainey, R.I., and the
latter is embellished with drawings by Ralph Pea-
cock, which are well conceived and reproduced.
The volumes are bound in attractively designed

We have received from Mr. Augustin Rischgitz,
of Linden Gardens, London, a selection of photo-
graphs of the sketches by Constable, preserved
in the South Kensington and British Museums.
The photographs are excellent transcripts of the
original drawings, and exhibit with fidelity the
facile power of this great painter in the various
mediums he affected.

Our readers, especially those who take part in
the competitions, will be interested to learn that a
number of the designs which were submitted in
the Competition B XII. " Christmas Cards," were
purchased by Mr. Mortimer, of Halifax, and that
he has recently reproduced them for sale. The
reproductions are excellent and the series forms
one of the most attractive we have seen this

Design for the Back of Playing-


The subject of this competition seems to have
aroused an unusual amount of interest, and we
regret that want of space prevents us illustrating
a larger number of the excellent drawings sub-

The First Prize (Two guineas) is awarded to
Die ATetczeit (Tom C. Dugdale, 18 Orbel Street,

The Second Prize (One guinea) to Whist
(Florence Kingsford, n Holland Park Road, W.).

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Aberbrothock (H. T. Wyse, Viewfield Road, Ar-
broath, N.B.) ; Honesty (B. H. Smale, 23 Crook-
ham Road, Fulham); Glitters (Hermione Unwin,
Hall Road, Shipley, Yorks.); Ptnhallow (W. R. Bull-
more, 20 Albion Terrace, Gay wood Road, King's
Lynn); Sauchet (Gertrude Biggs, Boston Lodge,
Boston Spa, Yorkshire) ; the above a7-e illustrated;
Albaia (J. McGinty) ; Arc (Thomas Corson); Bex
(B. Wilson-Tripp); Cobalt; Curlew (Ruth E. Cully);
Cyclops (Cyril J. Whiting); Chef (A. Cooke);
Card (T. Nichol Barskimming) ; Caer Glow (Wm.
G. Cook); Chinee Woman (E. Winifred Hodgkin-

son); Dusk (Miss F. V. Shoosmith); Elizabeth
(B. H. Smale); Haphazard (Mabel St. John
Mildmay); Inverbrotftock (James Wyse); Ibis
(Isabel F. Peake); Four Trumps (Annie Baker);
Lino (Clifford J. Beeser); Norah (Norah St.
George); Orange (Theodore W. van Schermbeck);
Pan (Fred H. Ball); Princess (Adela Cattell);
Rajput (Ellen Clacy); Rose Grant (Ethel Rose
Grant Waddington); and Van (M. M. Evans).

Scene from the " School for Scandal."

The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to
Hump (Charles Horrell, 69 Foxbourn Road, Upper
Tooting, S.W.).

The Second Prize (Half-a-guinea) to Pan
(Fred H. Ball, 189 Noel Street, Nottingham).

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Day (Laura Johnson); Glaucus (Wilford H.
Eaton); and Malone (David E. Wilson).

Landscape with Cattle.
(C XIX.)

The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to
Bern (Emily Atkinson, Brigg).

The Second Prize (Half-a-guinea) to Acorn
(Ernest Smythe, 10 Margravine Studios, Margravine
Gardens, West Kensington).

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Aberbrothock (H. T. Wyse); Blackthorn (Helena
E. Jones); Chat Noir (A. Leete); Dux (Nellie
H. Gowan Brae); Gynx (Jessie Pym); Hesperides
(Mrs. C. E. Jeffrey); H. C. (Hilda Chalk); Jo
(Alice Glossop); Redlac (Scott Calder); and .S*. P.
(Samuel Poole).

Photographs from Nature.
Study of Clouds.

The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to
Nandana (J. C. Varty Smith, Nandana, Penrith).

The Second Prize (Half-a-guinea) to Mask
(Thomas Kent, Albert Square, Kirkwood, N.B.).

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Earwig (E. Roberts, 9 Upper Conduit Street,
Leicester); Cashina ; Castleville (George D. Kettle-
well, Blandford, Dorset); Venice (Smedley Aston, 7
Newhall Street, Birmingham); the above are illus-
trated ; Amateur Snapper (Charles E. Wanless);
Dolphin (A. H. Corder); F. R. S. (Mary C.
Fair); Kennaquhair (Christian H. Curie); Kar-
toum (Seymour Conway); Sirdar (Anna G. S.
Loftus, Tottenham); and Vephos (R. J. Mullins).
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