Studio: international art — 15.1899

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1 cm
Awards in "The Studio" Prize Competitions

while the reverse represents her Majesty giving her
right hand to the Virgin of the Netherlands. The
smaller round one, modelled by the late sculptor
Wortmann, shows on one side portraits of the Queen
and the Queen Regent, and on the other a wreath
of orange-leaves, with an inscription. J. C. Wie-
necke is responsible for the modelling of the large
square medal which represents the Virgin of Amster-
dam, surrounded by the symbols of Commerce,
Navigation, and Agriculture, holding a palm-leaf
towards the Nieuwe Kerk, in which the coronation
ceremony took place. The whole of the medals
have been executed by Mr. C. J. Begeer, of
Utrecht. _

Miss K. M. Coggin is the designer of the silver
cup illustrated on page 263 of the September No.
This design was erroneously attributed to Miss
Isabel McBean.

Design for a Hot-Water Jug.

The First Prize (Two guineas) is awarded to
Curlew (L. G. Bird, Marine Barracks, Chatham).

The Second Prize (One guinea) to Ben Bolt
(Sydney R. Jones, 404 Ladypool Road, Moseley).

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Sixpence (G. S. Tanner, The Knoll, Frith Hill,
Godalming), illustrated; Aberbrothock (H. T.
Wyse); Darbee (Ernest E. Clark); Elgitha (Kath-
arine M. Coggin); Evie (Eva W. Graham Brown);
Broughton Ranger (James W. Gillison); Penwiper
(F. White); and Voltaire (Samuel J. Hicks).

The designs by Cockney and Isa, although excel-
lently drawn, are not suitable in form.

Decorative Initial Letters. (B XX.)

The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to
Pan (F. H. Ball, 189 Noel Street, Nottingham).

The Second Prize {Half-a-guinea) to Pokey
(Enid Jackson, 12 Forest Road, Birkenhead).

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Verona (Mary M. Falcon, Kingsland, Milverton,
Somerset), illustrated; Aberbrothock (Henry T.
Wyse); Brontops (Evelyn G. Pierce); Carola
(Miss Carol C. Wilbur); Cyclops (Cyril J. Whiting);
Canute (Eveline A. Brauer); Escholzia (C. D.
Cole); Groombridge (Pickford Waller); Jason
(John Thirtle); Pokey (Enid Jackson); Rabitus
(Gabriel Bunney); Secdom (F. E. Powell); Theseus
(W. L. Brown); and Veronica (M. J. Hunt).
Study of Boats. (C XVII.)

The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to Vis

(W. R. Flint, 5 Rosefield Place, Portobello, N.B.).

The Second Prize (Half-a-guinea) to Dabby
(Ernest Evans, 15 Bloomsbury Street, London.

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Aberbrothock (H. T. Wyse) ; Brid (A. Wildsmith) ;
Brush (Will Menelaus); Biddy (Cicely B. Martin);
Carola (Miss Carol C. Wilbur); Chat Noir (A.
Leete); Dutch (N. Thomson); Raw Sienna (Ada
M. Rawes); and Storm (Laura Johnson).

Photographs from Nature. (D XL)

The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to
Sulphite (S. Conway, Inglecroft, Beckenham).

The Second Prize (Half-a-guinea) to Kennaqu-
hair (Miss C. H. Curie, Priorwood, Melrose, N.B.).

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Billy (Arnold H. Human); Crystal (C. F. Inston);
Elpenor (Dr. Hugo Hoffmann) ;F.R.S. (M. C. Fair);
Hastings (H. J. Callingham); Ventnor (H. Troth).

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