Studio: international art — 23.1901

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Allan, Robert Weir, and his Work By Mrs. Arthur Bell. Nine IllustraLions..... 229

Bell, Mrs. Arthur. Robert Weir Allan and his Work. Nine Illustrations...... 229

Brickdai.e, Miss Eleanor Fortescue-, On some Water Colour Pictures by. By Walter Shaw Sparrow.

Ten Illustrations 31

Craig, Gordon, Some Thoughts of the Art of. By Haldane Macfall. Fourteen Illustrations . . 246

Decorative Flower and Plant Studies, On some. Drawn by Miss J. Foord. Six Illustrations . ■ no

Emanuel, Frank L. Le Treport as a Sketching Ground. Seven Illustrations ..... 96

Enamelling upon Metal, The Art of True. Part II. By Alexander Fisher. Nine Illustrations . . 88

Fisher, Alexander. The Art of True Enamelling upon Metal. Part II. Nine Illustrations . . 88

Forres, A.R.A., Stanhope A., The Work of. By Norman Garstin. Eight Illustrations ... 81

Garstin, Norman. The Work of Stanhope A. Forbes, A.R.A. Eight Illustrations Si

Glasgow International Exhibition. Part I. Seven Illustrations 44

,, ,, ,, Part II. Sixteen Illustrations ....... 165

,, ,, ,, Part III. Twenty-two Illustrations...... 237

Hi att, Charles. Some Drawings by James Pryde. Four Illustrations....... 101

HOME Arts and Industries Exhibition. By Esther Wood. Eleven Illustrations ..... 106

Jewellers' Art in France, Some Recent Examples of the. Twenty-one Illustrations .... 25

Lay Figure, The.........' . . . • ■ 78, 152, 226, 300

Macfall, Haldane. Some Thoughts of the Art of Gordon Craig. Fourteen Illustrations . . . 246

MoUREY, Gabriel. The work of Jean-Francois Raffaelli. Twelve Illustrations ..... 3

National Competition, 1901, The. By Esther Wood. Thirty-four Illustrations ..... 257

Pryde, James, Some Drawings by. By Charles Hiatt. Four Illustrations ...... 101

Raffaelli, Jean-F'rancois, The Work of. By Gabriel Mourey. Twelve Illustrations .... 3

Recent Etching and Engraving. By Frederick Wedmore. Nine Illustrations ...... 14

Religious Art at the Holland Fine Art Gallery. Eleven Illustrations ... .... 174

Starrow, Walter Shaw. Some Drawings by Patten Wilson. Twelve Illustrations .... 186

,, ,, ,, On some Water Colour Pictures by Miss Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale.

Ten Illustrations 31

Studio Talk. One Hundred and Seventeen Illustrations...... . 48, 114, 196, 269

Tempera Painting, The Revival of. By Aymer Vallance. Nine Illustrations..... 155

Treport as a Sketching Ground, Le. By F'rank L. Emanuel. Seven Illustrations ..... 96

Vallance, Aymer. The Revival of Tempera Painting. Nine Illustrations...... 155

Wedmore, Frederick. Recent Etching and Engraving. Nine Illustrations...... 14

Wilson, Patten, Some Drawings by. By Walter Shaw Sparrow. Twelve Illustrations .... 186

Wood, Esther. Home Arts and Industries Exhibition. Eleven Illustrations...... 106

,, ,, The National Competition, 1901. Thirty-four Illustrations...... 257
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