Studio: international art — 23.1901

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Awards in "The Studio" Prise Competitions

The Second Prize {One
Guinea), to Pooscat (Ida F.
Ellwood, 26 Cedar Road,
Cricklewood, London, N.W.).

The following have ob-
tained honourable men-
tion :—Bloom (Thomas Cook);
Sir Esperance (Arabella L.
Rankin); Bagheera (Amy
E. Arscott); Killicrates (G.
M. Ellwood); Stalky (Ethel

hon. mention (coMi-. a ix.) " forget-me-not " Mary Hodgkinson); Tramp

(David Veazey) ; Clarae

AWARDS IN "THE STUDIO" (Clara Hautle); Palamon (Chas. K. Cook); Poum
PRIZE COMPETITIONS. (Henry Dabry); Craft B (Fred White) ; L'Etoile

(Sarah K. Wase); Halbar (Harold Charles Bare-
Class A. Decorative Art. ham); Shamrock (Frances H. Edgeworth Sander-

Design for a Brooch. son); Trebor (E. R. Brewer); Paint (Guynedd M.

(A IX.) Palin); Sir Ludar (W. E. Barker); Aquamarine

The designs in this competition being so varied (J. John Witcombe); Craft A (Alfred G. Wright)
and so interesting, the selection of the prize-winners Revrac (Rachel D. Carver); May (Mary Morton);
has been extremely difficult. Nora Kildare (Nora G. Evers-Swindell); Narcissus

The First Prize (Two Guineas) has been (Edward Preston); Mercury (Florence M. Blockley);
awarded to London (Mabel Peacock, 6 Park Road, Nick (Maria L. Kirby); Ludo (Louisa Mary Dick-
Forest Hill, S.E.). son); The Sergeant Mawr (Walter Sykes George);


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