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Dictionary of Architecture and Building. By
Russel Sturgis, A.M., Ph.D. Vol.11. (London
and New York: Macmillan.) Price 255.—The
present volume of this work deals with subjects
comprised within the letters F to N. The most
important articles are those treating generally upon
architecture in France, Germany, Italy, and Japan.
They are concise and well written. The large
number of well selected illustrations with which
the volume abounds should render it both popular
and useful.

Gardening for Beginners. By E. T. Cook.
(London: George Newnes, Ltd.) Price \os. bd.
net.—Among the numerous books which have
recently appeared upon the gardener's craft the
present volume will be acceptable on account of
its practicability. It is full of useful and up-to-
date information, and its charm is enhanced by a
large number of photographs of plants and flowers
excellently reproduced and printed.

Bungalows and Country Residences: A Series of
Designs. By R. A. Briggs, F.R.I.B.A. Fifth
edition. (London: Batsford.) Price 12s. 6d.—
Some new drawings have been added to this
last edition of a very popular book. Mr. Briggs
is a practical architect, and his designs possess
considerable artistic charm. Those about to build
a house should consult this volume.

Zweige und Ranken, Lieterung 1 und 2. (Leip-
zig : Wilhelm Opetz.)—Each portfolio contains
twelve large plates, representing leafed boughs and
creeping herbs, which will be found of the greatest
assistance to artists and art-students.

Messrs. G. Rowney & Co. have issued a series
of sketch books of different sizes for the use of
draughtsmen in pen and ink. They consist of a
number of fine Bristol boards bound together by
rings. Their great convenience for out-door use
should make them acceptable to workers in black
and white.

Mr. Charles H. Mackie, the painter, of Edin-
burgh, in his spare hours has been experimenting
with a new method of hand-printing, and has pro-
duced some remarkable examples of polychromatic
work. The subjects upon which he has been
engaged are designs in Greek style, purporting to
be representations of fragments of ancient decor-
ated pottery. The main interest of the prints
Lies in the technically excellent results obtained.
We understand that the work is impressed from
blocks cut by the artist himself, the said blocks
being of various materials other than wood. The
effects achieved are quite unique, and we would
like to see other subjects in a frankly modern
spirit treated by the same process.

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