Studio: international art — 23.1901

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Awards in "The Studio" Prize Competitions

Class A. Decorative Art.
Design for a Sundial.

(A X.)

AWARDS IN "THE STUDIO" Light (Sydney R. Turner); and Trebot (E. R.
Class B. Pen - and - Ink Work.
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Design for a Title-Page.

(B X.)

Many of the designs sent in for this Competition,
Want of space prohibited the reproduction of the including several of those here illustrated, are more
details of Barney's Sundial. suitable for book-covers than for title-pages.

The First Prize {Two Guineas) has been -phe First Prize {One Guinea) has been gained
awarded to Tramp (David Veazey, 27 Rectory by Coridon (Edward Pay), 27, Milton Court Road,
Place, Woolwich). New Cross, S.E.

The Second Prize {One Gumea) to Barney The Second Prize {Half-a-Guinea), by Black
(Fredk. J. Baruish, 43 Bewsey Street, Warrington). Spean (Marjory Parker Rhodes), Whiston Grange,
Honourable mention is given to the following :— Rotherham, Yorks.

Bloom (T. A. Cook); A.D. igoi (C. J. White)
Aurora (I. J. Whitcombe); Nemo (E. J. Rouse)
and Curlew (Lennox G. Bird); Salt{C. H. Smith)

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Romano (David H. Smith); Isca (Ethel Larcombe);
Trebor (E. R. Brewer) ; Ajrose (A. Wilson Shaw);

West Countryman {Ed-
ward H. Atwell); Patience
(Gertrude Elizabeth Ste-
vens) ; Orthodoxy (Claire
Murrell); and Brush
(Percy Lancaster).

Class C. Photographs
from Nature.

Study of a Rose Tree
in Bloom.

(C IX.)

The First Prize {One
Guinea) is awarded to
Avalon (Walter Tully, 76
Benedict Street, Glaston-

The Second Prize
{Half - a - Guinea), to
Fisher - Boy (Leonard
Stevenson, 6 Holly Street,
Woodborough Road, Not-

Honourable mention is
given to the following:—
Sweet Tea (Miss Rochus-
sen) ; Pergola (John A.
McMichael) ; Bay ford
(Leonard M. Powell);
Wiwi (H. Mayer Gmelin,
Holland); Dandie Din-
mont (Daniel Dunlop);
Memoa (Henry Charles
Leat); and La Jonchere
portrait of m. kopf (See Rome Studio-Talk) by a. hScklin (Louis de Crevecceur).

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