Studio: international art — 23.1901

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statue of a child, Gathering Flowers, by Miss
Margaret Baskerville, represented a little country
girl in the act of leaning forward to pluck a flower,
her hand extended gracefully and tenderly, as if
she loved the flowers and would not crush or
hurt them. The child is bare-legged, and her short,
rough petticoat is drawn up so as to form a sort of
basket for the flowers. Mr. C. Web-Gilbert was
represented only by small terra-cotta sketches, the
best being a small head with ivy leaves. Mr.
W. Scurry showed a sketch model, a figure
intended to be erected on the new Opera House,
Melbourne; it possessed a striking outline, and
was well proportioned. Dr. C. Lethbridge's
portrait bust, treated in an unconventional
manner, was a decided improvement in tech-
nique on his last year's exhibit. He also
exhibited a carved wood panel for the altar
of a church. Mr. H. F. Dunne sent a small
panel of wood carving and a sketch model for
wood carving, while Miss M. Bernhard-Smith had
a portrait bust of Mr. Ramsay Thomson, manager

of the Long Tunnel Mine, Walhalla. It was
treated in a rather unusual style, the base being
made to represent gold quartz.


War Impressions: Being a Record in Colour by
Mortimer Menpes. Transcribed by Dorothy
Menpes. (London : A. & C. Black.) Price, 20s.
—The numerous sketches and studies made by
Mr. Menpes during his recent journey in South
Africa as correspondent to our contemporary
Black and White, were recently exhibited in
London, and attracted considerable attention, not
only on account of the subject with which they
dealt, but also because of the remarkable
technique and artistic ability displayed in their
production. Reproductions of these drawings in
colour upon a largely reduced scale have been
made, and now appear as illustrations to the
record of the artist's experiences which have been

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