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A Cottage in the Country

Regarding his own pictures it is difficult to get A COTTAGE IN THE COUNTRY
Mr. Whitehead to speak, save in the most im- ^^^^^^ ^' BAILLIE SCOTT.

personal manner. " I am never satisfied ; seldom

even pleased with what I turn out. But," with a ^ ^ ' The sketches which accompany this
rather grim smile, " it is fortunate for me that article show the plans and some aspects of

many people are." a small summer dwelling recently designed for an

If one were asked to indicate the distinguishing artist. On opening the front door—a door roughly
features of his work, we should incline to the opinion constructed of oaken planks and fitted with homely
that they are strength of drawing, truthfulness to metal work—one enters a passage wide and low,
the scene chosen—so far as is consistent with that where the grey-brown of timber, which, roughly
selective faculty which he places so highly amongst finished by the adze, seems to still retain some hint
the qualifications which should be possessed by a of its woodland home, and to bear evidence to
landscape painter—and the great sympathy shown human handicraft, is supplemented by cool spaces
by him with Nature's varying moods. Most of his of innocent whitewash and by the subtle variation
pictures, too, have skies of great distinction : broad, of grey tone in its stone flagged floor. From the
free, vigorous masses of cloud, although—as is cool shade of this low passage, one looks beyond
shown in his Frosty Morning, Morning Mist, and to the sunny, open space of a garden courtyard, and
similarly constituted pictures—the more delicate beyond this through the vista of the pergola
and evanescent cloud effects and phases of Wessex bordered with flowers and roofed with leafage,
landscape are by no means neglected by him. Through the leaded glazing of the screen which

Regarding Mr. Whitehead's gifts, a well-known art forms one side of this passage, one obtains a hint
critic wrote, near ten years ago, " To me he appears of the hall, which relies for its effect as the passage
to catch the very soul of English landscape, with does, on mere building. The modern tradition of
all its tender greys and greens and poetic charm." house building, which ends by making a room or a
Those who have had the opportunity of inspecting passage a rectangular box lined with smooth
many of his pictures will
probably find that this
opinion coincides with the
one at which they will after
due thought have arrived.

Most of the pictures re-
produced (with the excep-
tion of the etchings) are by
kind permission of their pre-
sent owners, to whom, for
such permission, we would
tender our best thanks.

During May a new art
departure was made in
Stirling, when the Artistic
Handicrafts Club held its
first exhibition. The prin-
cipal crafts represented were
repousse metal-work, china-
painting, painting on linen,
wood-staining, basket-work,
embroidery, and lace-work.
The most noteworthy ex-
hibits were those by Mrs.
Morley, Mrs. Gordon Watt,
Miss Algie, Miss Nellie Har-
vey, Miss Baker, Miss Mac-
farlane, and Miss Carter. view from front_>ntrance m. h. baillie scott, architect

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