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A House at Southbourne

ings, like those of the

Clouets, are intensely in-

teresting from an icono-

graphical standpoint, for

4k they reproduce for us,

5tudio ■ with apparent veracity

; and in the attractive attire

> —|—— i ■ ff ■ i111 r---"^■■^■■'qP" 0f the period, many

[mtbahi^ goer. ^ y_ ^ j I known to have played im-

f—-—"-? j portant parts in those

Billiard ■ r r

Poon ; days. Jean Decourt,

| Quesnel, Pierre Moustier,

I are all followers in the

\ , / m__F^^^ school of the Clouets, a

school which has notlost its

plan of "foxwold," southbourne g. h. brewerton, architect attraction even at this day.

Louise M. Richter.

bequeathed by him at his death to his nephew A MODERN HOUSE AT SOUTH-


to authenticity, and are considered amongst the

rarest and most precious examples of French * *■ Having lived for years in furnished and
sixteenth-century art. Among these perhaps the unfurnished houses, at last an opportunity came
most attractive is the likeness of Mary Stuart, for the purchase of a small property and settling
executed at the time when for so brief a period down. But after travelling miles upon miles, and
she was Queen of France. It is interesting spending pounds upon pounds, I found I was no
to compare this drawing with another sketch at nearer the accomplishment of my wishes, though I
Chantilly, wherein Francois Clouet again repro- had added to my knowledge of the wiles of the
duced her fair features,
wearing a widow's cap.

By Frangois Clouet also
is the portrait in oils of
Elisabeth of Austria,
wife of Charles IX.,
in the Louvre. There is
a replica of this, which
must rank as one of his
finest achievements, at
Chantilly. Corneille de
Lyon, a contemporary of
the Clouets, is also repre-
sented here by a number
of works. He seems to
have been as a painter a
favourite of Catherine de
Medicis, whose likeness,
now at Chantilly (Galerie
du Logis), he has handed
down to us in an excel-
lent drawing, probably
executed at the time when
she passed through Lyons
as Dauphine of France.

His pictures and draw- " foxwold," southbourne g. h. brewerton, architect

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