Studio: international art — 32.1904

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Carl Larsson

familiar. He is one of the principal members of f | >HE IMAGINATIVE AND REAL-

the Society, and holds the office of curator. His I tf,„t„ at,t r^r r-a-nT t «nroAAi
, . , ,. .,,„.. , , , , ISTIC ART OF CARL LARSSON.

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work is distinguished for its good draughtsman-
ship, and when he uses colour it is always with M. SUNNY FRYKHOLM.
refinement. His knowledge of costumes is very

extensive, down even to the smallest details of " It has never been my ambition to gain any
different periods. great and complete triumph, but to suggest new

In Mr. Edward C. Clifford, R.I., the Artists' ideas and to point out new lines in art; for this
Society has found the most conscientious of secre- reason my art cannot be taken as a whole, but
taries. He is an indefatigable worker for the must be judged by a part here and there which has
renown of the Society, and his work is individualised been finished off." In these words Carl Larsson,
by its marked perfection of finish and detail. His the Swedish artist, characterises his own art-deve-
colour sense is good, and some of his garden scenes lopment. The explanation is, in truth, singularly
with figures are altogether charming. The present fitted as a motto for our treatment of the work of
President of the Society, J. Sanderson Wells, R.I., this genial artist, although these remarks of his were,
is quite one of the most modern of the younger perhaps, uttered on the spur of the moment rather
members, and is noted for his cleverness in flat than deliberately, as he is wont to do when referring
colour-work of sporting scenes. Two decidedly to his own work. Such remarks are, however, merely
gifted of the younger men are the brothers Walter as the play of sun-rays on a deep lake, which light up
and Gilbert Bayes — members of the Sketching the surface but do not penetrate the depth of the water.
Club only. Walter belongs to the old Water The word-play with which Mr. Larsson amuses the
Colour Society, and does really distinguished world, thus resembles a certain part of his art, the de-
little gems of pictures with quite a suggestion of picting of reality, and is characteristic of him as a man
old mosaic fineness about them, and worked up as uncommonly happy in his home-life and who
they are to a pitch of the purest Venetian finish. spreads around him a sort of sunny atmosphere ;
Gilbert is one of the rising young sculptors of but under this brilliant surface the closer observer
London, and models most delightful reliefs at the perceives a far more interesting depth, whence arises
Friday evening meetings. the inspiration which enables him to produce the

There are, of course, many other talented members more sincere work in which his ideas are allowed
whose work is well known and widely appreciated, free play. Consequently, in dealing with Carl
and I should like to write about them, but space Larsson we have, from the very first, clearly to
almost limits me to the mention of officers only. point out this double-sidedness in his character as
Lenore Van der Veer. in his art, for it is a trait which always makes itself

conspicuous in his career.

In 1876, Larsson ob-
tained the Royal Medal at
the Academy of Arts of
Stockholm, which is the
highest reward granted by
this educational institution,
and thereupon migrated to

Strangely enough, he
held entirely aloof from
the general ' realistic art-
movement of France of
that time, although it was
eagerly followed by the
other young Swedish art
students who arrived in
Paris about the same time
as he did.

As a child of the lowest

the bungalow from a coloured design by c larsson classes of Sweden, " a
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