Studio: international art — 32.1904

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The National Competition

results of the Nationa
Competition, and added
much to the pleasure and
comfort of visitors. The
Show is now held in a wing
of the Indian Section of
the Imperial Institute,

.. the public ken.

This year's exhibition

church decoration by john potter (derby) is in many ways an ad-

vance upon the former
average of workmanship

THE NATIONAL COMPETITION and design, and some of the subjects would do
OF SCHOOLS OF ART, 1904. credit to any collection of modern English decora-
A decided improvement in the arrange-
ment of the exhibits, both this year and last, has
made the task of the critic easier in judging the

fire-dog by ernest copestick (nottingham)

tive art. The excellent plan of encouraging
students to carry out in its entirety whatever piece
of work they may design, and to show it in all its
stages, from the working drawing to the finished
article, cannot be too warmly commended. The
principle it involves is vital to the development of
wall-fountain by charles vyse (hanley) the applied arts, and cannot but react well upon
loading ...