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without making any con-
cession to the fashions of
the moment and without
allying himself with any
special school of practice.
His absolute independ-
ence of thought, and his
splendid sincerity in striv-
ing only for what he
believed to be the noblest
forms of expression,
deserve the fullest recog-
nition ; he has made for
himself in the history of
art a position of enviable
distinction, and he will
always be regarded as a
true master. He earned
his reputation not only
by his paintings, but also
by a number of import-
ant achievements in sculp-
"beside the death-bed" by theodor funck ture; and in both branches

of his practice he never
wavered in his devotion

designs—is missing, and I consider it an inexcus- to the highest principles. Another death which
able omission. must be sincerely deplored is that of Mr. Frederick

Two years hence Dresden is going
to hold an exhibition of applied art i
on a grand scale—the third of its kind

in Germany—and the programme in jfjS i

course of elaboration at present pro- T_
vides for a series of new garden pro- / ^-^T--^ 1

jects. It is to be hoped that this part

of it will be carried out. fit■' ■JmWjn^9L

We owe most of the photographs /' .\

accompanying this article to the Ar" ^^"^SSfe^THB

courtesy of Mr. Fritz Bismeyer, one of JflLtF^'tStto^-'Vm

the gentlemen, on the Committee of • ^"■^^^K^ral^r

the Diisseldorf Exhibition. "^^^J^fflly

(From our Own Correspondents.) ^^4^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

LONDON. —By the death of ^^^i^S^mK^ r -"THM fTlTTTi
Mr. G. F. Watts we lose an

artist who has for more than || |JWB^^BB|^^C^^jW5prt VLftt jr

■ half a century ranked as our JLB~W i|3»j|y2M Wk&vS&lwv

greatest painter of imaginative and ^dMH^SJ^SH^^

symbolical subjects, and as a notable 'QS^^KK^^mmmm.

exponent of the finest type of por- itwtttttt^

traiture. Throughout his long and t..;,JBHs^^B^^^^B

strenuous life he has laboured_ con- ff& R00STER„ BY HUG0 LEVEN

sistently to realise very lofty ideals (See article on Diisseldorj Exhibition)
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