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Modern French Paste/lists

la musique by j. cherbt

acute, and a hand so sure and cunning, as were
those of Giovanni Segantini—one who would
never rest content with any given aesthetic
vision, but was ever developing himself and
striving after fresh discoveries and new perfec-
tions, gradually modifying both the formative
conception and the execution of his pictures ?

V. P.



of Fragonard, the joyous laughter of Boucher, the
voluptuous joy of Lancret, the ardent caprice of
Watteau. The muse of these charming painters
did not die with them ; she is incarnated anew in a
great artist of to-day, for Jules Cheret is their
worthy descendant: of their own blood and of
their own race, he loves what they loved ; he de-
lights to create before our dazzled eyes the picture
of a perpetual fete galante—delights to evoke from
out of our imagination a paradise peopled with
beings full of charm and rich with scenes of pleasure.
Everything about the artist—even his exterior,
his vigorous demeanour, the curl of his white hair,
his tall, slight, graceful form, the nobility of his
firm gaze—recalls the men of a bygone day.

But to return to the work by the pastellist—
for scarcely a day passes but Cheret uses his
pastels in addition to his painting and his vigorous

Cheret perpetuates in our time the tradition
of grace and gaiety bequeathed by the French
masters of the eighteenth century ; in his pastels,
which he produces day after day, as his imagina-
tion urges, one sees revived for an hour the fancies "les masques" by j. cheret

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