Studio: international art — 44.1908

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The New Gallery

pleasantly vivacious, is less happy in colour, and
is not beyond reproach in draughtsmanship, though
in its suggestion of youthful grace it is quite

Mr. J. J. Shannon has not for some while shown
anything so restrained as his portrait of Mrs.
Buckley, a beautiful study of delicate tone and
tender colour; and his large group of Mrs. Miller
Graham and Daughter is a finely designed decora-
tive arrangement, generous in line and with a
sumptuous largeness of massing which can be
sincerely commended. Mr. George Henry’s full-
length of The Marchioness of Tullibardine is
quaintly formal in arrangement without any excess
of artificiality, and has an agreeable subtlety of
silvery-grey ; and Mr. Harris Brown’s three-quarter
length of The Countess of Northbrook is in every
way a sound and expressive piece of confident
painting. The two portraits by Sir George Reid
of The Earl of Halsburv and His Excellency the

Hon. Whitelaw Reid, are magnificent both in
characterisation and in executive mastery ; to
praise them too highly would be scarcely possible;
and by Mr. Glazebrook there is a head of The
Right Hon. Lord Macnaghten, which is studied
with little less shrewdness of insight and grasp of

Besides these, there are such able achievements
as Mr. W. Llewellyn’s Sir Francis J. S. Hopwood,
Mr. Richard Jack’s brilliantly painted full length of
his wife, Mr. J. Coutts Michie’s Lady Mary Hope,
Mr Harold Speed’s Mrs. Roland Holloway, the
Hon. John Collier’s Joan and Cyrus, Mr. W. Logs-
dail’s Elizabeth, Daughter of Eustace Hills, Esq.,
and Mr. James Clark’s Miss Lilian Clark, a
picture unusually sound in manner, and with in-
disputable executive merits. Mr. Graham Robert-
son’s quaint picture of a child, Mdlle. X., has in
full measure the pleasant and dainty individuality
which makes his works consistently attractive ; and
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