Studio: international art — 90.1925

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Studio (Dec. igoo). Although my sug-
gestion then was considered a very good
one by many—some even thought it
brilliant—it proved a cry in the wilderness.
A quarter of a century has passed since
then, and whilst Open-Air Folk Museums
are growing by leaps and bounds in other
countries, London—England—is still with-
out one. 00000
I should like to anticipate one answer
to the above plaint—that England herself
is one vast, glorious open-air museum
(to use the original Swedish appellation)
studded with magnificent halls and manor
houses, with timbered structures of unique
beauty, with quaint old-world townships
and hamlets, what need has she of a
campo santo for such as these i The
premise sounds rational, but the deduc-
tion is not convincing. Some of these
monuments of the past have already fallen,
Lappish storehouse (stolp- some are doomed to the same pathetic

bod) from frostviken r ^ ^1 r 1 -1 ^1

jamtland, north sweden fate> that of others, again, hangs in the

(Skansen Open - Air Museum balance 0 0 0 0 0


___,T . _One or two examples will suffice to

™-AIR MUSEUMS FOR LON- justify these apprehensPlons. I quote from

n~ Uwkr^™^o * ^Y a comparatively recent issue of a leading

GEORGE BROCHNER. 000 London daily . « Last year the Barking

MUCH water has flown under the District Council, with an eye to the
bridges since my first article with present, and small regard for either past
the above heading appeared in The or future, decided to pull down its old



11 rii^



oktarpgarden from halland
west sweden. (Skansen
Open-Air Museum, Stockholm)
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