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THREE ETCHINGS BY NICOLAI no direct appeal. But his work (Hammer

HAMMER. BY GEORG BROCH- is a Dane) possesses what for decades

AjT-'-p . „ „ was and still to no small extent is one of

the lundamental and most cherished

THERE are people, very superior people characteristics of Danish art, sincerityf

no doubt, to whom a singeror a musician which springs from and rests on a sympa-

must be an acknowledged and for choice thetic, not to say tender, study of the

world-famed and much paragraphed vir- subject. Hammer senses with much

tuoso in order to be considered worth susceptibility the mood, the atmosphere

listening to. a 0 a a of the scene he has chosen to depict,

In the same way there are artists, and he conveys by a convincing and

in diverse spheres, and there are writers attractive but unobtrusive technique the

on and collectors of their work, who set weathered aspect of ancient masonry,

such intense store on craftsmanship— the dilapidated sculptured ornamenta-

super-craftsmanship—that they at times tion, the roofs of old-world houses over

seem to forget that craftsmanship, after all, whose tiles centuries have passed and left

is the means of attaining the end and not their mark—such motifs Hammer loves

the end, in the consummation of which and he translates them to his plate in his

other and perhaps even more vital factors own way, without too much meticulous

operate. a a a a a detail, without striving to accentuate

To such highbrows, if one may so call effects by an undue gradation of light and

them, Hammer's endeavours may make shade. a a a 0 a


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