The Studio yearbook of decorative art — 1906

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HITHERTO no systematic endeavour appears to have been made to
meet the needs of that ever increasing section of the public who take an
interest in the application of art to the decoration and general equipment
of their homes by placing before them periodically a comprehensive
survey of current achievements in this direction. From its commencement,
some thirteen years ago, The Studio has month by month devoted a
considerable portion of its space to applied art in its manifold forms, and
especially to those departments ot it which are concerned with the
arrangement and appointments of private houses ; but the need of a more
systematic and concentrated treatment has impressed the Editor with the
desirability of preparing annually a volume in which it shall be treated
throughout its entire range, apart from the numerous other art topics of
which The Studio takes cognisance. With this end in view The Studio
Year-Book of Decorative Art has been launched.

Practical utility being the primary function of this work, the Editor has,
in selecting the designs illustrated, kept in view the requirements of
those who, with varying taste in the matter of style, may be led to consult
it as a serviceable guide in all the subjects with which it deals. Excess
in ornamentation and extreme eccentricities of form have been excluded
as being inconsistent with the true principles of decoration ; and in the
case of objects of use due consideration has been given to such details of
shape and material as affect their suitability for the purposes intended.
To stimulate interest in the art of decoration among designers, and
especially among the younger men and women who are devoting them-
selves to applied art as a profession, a series of four competitions is
announced on one of the pages of the advertisements, with prizes amounting
in the aggregate to over eighty pounds. The results of these competitions
will be duly announced in the pages of the The Studio, and such of the
designs as may be found suitable will be illustrated in the second volume
of the Year-Book.

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