The Studio yearbook of decorative art — 1906

Page: 177
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Door Furniture and other Fittings

wall brackets designed and executed by

the guild of handicraft, ltd.

Unfortunately no in-
stance is forthcoming of
a design which attempts
to mitigate the naked
hideousness of the quasi
funnel in white china and
the metal "gallery" of
the inverted incandescent
light. It is vain, however,
to lavish decoration on
the accessory bracket, so
long as the actual burner
which it leads up to re-
mains, from the esthetic
point of view, the eyesore
it is.

dutch wall bracket designed and executed by

w. a. s. benson & co., ltd.

Messrs. J. S. Henry & Co.'s wooden electric fitting (p. 174)
is a sample of the kind of work of which this firm make a
speciality, producing various appropriate designs for rooms
decorated in the French and Georgian styles.


The same remarks about metalwork, in the section on artificial
lighting (pp. 170 and 171), apply equally to all kinds of metal
fittings, and, therefore, need not be repeated here. Yet another
fault is wayward eccentricity. Thus it is not impossible to meet
with a bell-push in the shape of a cat's head, with gaping mouth,
bracket lantern in a button taking the place of the tongue; so that ringing the bell

is like thrusting one's finger down the creature's thioat, a perfectly

wrought and hammered iron

designed by c a. ll. roberts

executed by e. & r. gittins preposterous device !

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