The Studio yearbook of decorative art — 1906

Page: 247
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Garden Furniture

upon, table glass can never be satis-
factory. And it is because Messrs.
Powell & Sons, of Whitefriars, alone
among English glass makers, seem
to have realised the facts and to be
actuated by the true principles of
glass manufacture, that their work is
deservedly far ahead of any others in
this department. The eight accom-
panying illustrations of Messrs.
Powell's glass, embracing, as they
do, examples of table glass of all
kinds, from drinking glasses and de-
canters to jugs and sweet dishes, as
well as flower vases, should suffice
to demonstrate the admirable variety
and tastefulness of their design.

Although the subject of garden
furniture might seem alien to a work
on the fitting and ornamentation of
the house, yet the ever-growing
interest in garden work of all kinds,
and more especially the revival and
development of the formal garden,
seems sufficiently to warrant the in-
iron gate designed by a. iiarold smith elusion of a section devoted to this

executed by uonei. teale & co branch of decoration.

Now, it has been well said that
It is just the normal type of glass. On the contrary, the character and design of the garden-gate
cut glass it is which is an anomaly and a perversion. is, in great measure, the index of the sort
Until these plain facts are recognised and acted of garden one may expect to find within.

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wrought iron gates designed by e. s. elgood

executed by elgood & brown

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