The Studio yearbook of decorative art — 1906

Page: 237
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Metal and Glass Tableware

i^^^HB Viennese models, the

middle example of the three
being remarkable for its
quaintness of line and bold
masses of ornament.


■a { In silver plate and other

Imetal ware for table use,
though there be many de-
grees of excellence in de-
sign and treatment, really
nothing can be said in
HgK ''^IIBtJBSHH favour of the common prac-

j tice of stamping sheet-metal

i^BI^^^HI^^^^^^^^^^*™^^^™™^^^'™^™^^^^™^^^^ by means of dies into the

silver tea and coffee service designed and executed by pierced and emDOSSed

liberty & co., ltd.

outlines filled with coloured

Again, three different
types of form in jugs, also
accompanied by basins en
suite, are reproduced (p.
223) from the designs of
Messrs. Leon Solon and
Wadsworth. As the name
"Secessionist" indicates,
the design of these is ob-
viously inspired by certain

silver fruit and flower dish designed and executed by

g. l. connell

forms of bonbon dishes, and in-
numerable similar trifles which
always figure in displays of wedding
presents. Silver for the table ought
ffl^Ljyyi^^WaP^^^^ t0 be of good design and genuine

n^llr^^^'^^CSSISSSSS^^^^^^^^ if hand-workmanship, else it becomes

a mere vulgar parade of so much
hall-marked, sterling metal, that
were far better replaced by the
plain and straightforward utensils
like those that are scornfully rele-
1^ gated to the kitchen. But they,

at least, have the merit of being
Jm- serviceable and good after their

BBBB^^^^SS^fP IMMIIMB kind, making no pretence to be

other than, nor superior to, that
^^^^^M^^^M i^HHH which they actually are.

mivFR nn. uvAMTjt «^wr . Among the faults frequently to

blLVJSK and enamel bowl designed and executed b . .

by liberty & co., ltd. be met with in silver work is over-

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