The Studio yearbook of decorative art — 1906

Page: 165
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Artificial Lighting

correctly drawn, toes downwards, aS^MHHHl^BP female figure in white, against a

as was the custom with mediaeval green foliage background, relieved

horsemen, wearing pointed sol- by a few bright dashes of colour,

lerets, to ride. The whole is in such as red roses and bluish

pale greens, browns, and pearly- purple sleeve lining,

grey, the strongest note of colour ^nfell*!^-, ' Although of a totally different

consisting of the blue water in order of work' the last-named

the immediate foreground. In
the sky are introduced some bull's-
eye roundels, evidently a favourite
device with this firm, as witness
two more of their designs (p. 148),
one of which has for its most
prominent feature, as has also
another panel (p. 148), a dome
supported on a circular colonnade,
eminiscent of the well-known form
of the temple of Vesta at Tivoli.

candlestick in
wrought copper
designed by
r. ll. is. rathbone
executed by jesson,
isirkett & co., ltd.

The remaining artist's glass mosaic

illustrations of (opposite) may be

Messrs. William mentioned here.

Morris & Co.'s Against a golden-

glasswork consist brown background

of six windows of small tessera? the

(pp. 145 and 151) three figures show ».„,„„,

vrr 7J 01 & newel-post lamp in

of various shapes up in coloured robes hammered "pevvtal"

and sizes, includ- —Queen Guinevere designed by p. a. hill

' _ " executed by

ing roses orna- in deep orange- n. & e. spittle

mentally treated yellow, with a red

and other floral coif on her head;

forms of more Vivien in dark blue, and Enid in light blue. The

abstract type, the roses at set intervals in the side borders make

flowers being ar- brilliant patches of red.
ranged for the


severely geometri- Of the several different systems of artificial

cal lines. lighting the most modern are, perhaps, the most

Mr. Harrington difficult to provide artistic fittings for, through lack

Mann's panel of precedent to aid the designer; at the same time

(opposite), with a this very absence of precedent leaves him all the

scroll-inscribed greater liberty to follow the bent of such inventive

table lamp in wrought " " ^ ^ ^ p°ss6ss:

iron and "grey" brass ye roses while ye By far the largest majority of fittings for lighting

EXEcuraD^ L" SI,'ENCER may," is a pictur- purposes will be found to be of metal, which
artificers' guild ltd. esque design of a indeed comprehends an almost unlimited range of

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