The Studio yearbook of decorative art — 1906

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ON THE INTERIOR ARRANGE- everyone confronted with the problems of furnish:
MENT AND DECORATION OF in§ and beautifying the home.
THE HOUSE 11 might' PernaPs> have been wel1 t0 start with

the initial question of the selection of the house
The subject of Furnishing and Decoration cannot itself; but the matter is one which opens out so
fail to be of wide-reaching and real interest, for there wide a range as to be beyond the scope of the

present work, and it must
therefore be taken for
granted that the house is
already a fixed quantity
and unchangeable.

Now in order to ensure
that whatever scheme of
decoration shall have been
determined upon may, when
once begun, be carried
through without interrup-
tion and not be spoilt nor
have to be undone and
commenced all over again,
it is of the utmost import-
ance that certain preliminary
matters be attended to and
put into order at the outset.
Not only must any structural
alterations contemplated,
such as knocking through

entrance hall designed by h. e. clifford, . ° b

architect walls to insert fresh doors

are few people to whom
furnishing does not become
of practical import at some
period or other of their life,
fewer still to whom the
question of redecorating is
not a matter of periodic
recurrence. And yet it
is scarcely too much to
say that the average house-
holder, when the necessity
arises, is very much at a
loss how to proceed. No
apology, therefore, is
needed for treating the
subject, nor for attempting
to formulate some of the

guiding principles which entrance hall designed and-executed by

should be of service to wylie & lochhead, ltd.

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