Whittock, Nathaniel
The Art Of Drawing And Colouring From Nature, Flowers, Fruit, And Shells: To Which Is Added, Correct Directions For Preparing The Most Brilliant Colours For Painting On Velvet, With The Mode Of Using Them, Also The New Method Of Oriental Tinting ; With Plain And Coloured Drawings — London, 1829

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This group is formed upon the principles laid down in the former
lesson on this subject. The full-blown damask rose, in the centre, is
contrasted with the delicate white rose. Art is used in the selection of
the ssowers that surround them. They are drawn more detached from
the principal mass than they should be, in order to render them useful
as separate subjects for oriental tinting or velvet painting.


Some extracts from the lives of the most eminent ssower painters
will give the students an idea of the methods they took to attain the
just and honourable fame and profit they acquired. They are taken
from Pilkington's Dictionary of Painters, and will be found eminently
useful to every person desirous of copying the gems of nature.
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